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8DDX acts as an advisor to executives on strategic issues in the field of marketing, digital, data and customer experience. These disciplines are often approached as silos, while the combination is often the key to success. Jildert Huitema has a track record of 14 years in start-ups and large corporates and was, before he started 8DDX, global head of CX at Randstad. Jildert is a regular speaker at conferences and facilitator of CX workshops where elements of design thinking and behavioral design are leading.

“Jildert knows how to bridge the gap between the needs of the customer and our fantastic development and data teams”

Founder and MD at Dockbite

“During the workshops Jildert managed to engage all stakeholders. The assignment resulted in an advice that was digestible and easy to execute.”

Director Marketing at ManpowerGroup Netherlands

“By getting our clients a seat at the table Jildert Huitema helped us to transform the digital strategy of the company, he also motivated the Krauthammer employees to be part of the transformation.”

CEO Krauthammer